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SAMWU and Sanlam Women Empowerment event

  • Monday, 18 September 2017 10:10
SAMWU and Sanlam took a step in honouring women this September.
The SAMWU and Sanlam Women Empowerment event took place at the Sanlam offices in Alice Lane Sandton. The event was carved out of a need to create a platform for discourse around issues which affect women, moreover the goal was for women to lead the narrative in coming up with solutions for societal, financial and other types of issues which they face on a daily basis.
In attendance were SAMWU Head Office staff, senior Municipal officials from the Gauteng region within the SAMWU social cluster. The event was a breakfast talk with three speakers touching on the most pertinent issues facing women today..

The Programme Director was Queen Kganyago from Sanlam, the first speaker was Lebo Monyatsi from Sanlam. In her address she covered a number of issues, she highlighted the discrepancy in the ratios of men to women listed at the credit bureau, she noted that women are in the large majority of people who are listed. Moreover, it is women who are in more debt than men in general according to statistics within the financial industry. This can be largely attributed to women absorbing the primary costs in the household especially after they gain custody of children following a divorce.

Patricia Snyman was the second speaker from SAMWU, she addressed the different forms of abuse which women and children experience but focused mainly on emotional abuse.

She contends that the only way for women and children to overcome any form of abuse is to serve as strong support system for one another.

The keynote address was delivered by Razia Samson Power Couple SA winner, her topic was ‘’Becoming your best self”, she touched on the different roles which women need to play in society as wives, mothers and career women. Her advice was for women to stay positive and choose their battles, as well as always make time for themselves amidst the chaos of their day-to-day obligations.

This event embodied the words of Dorothy Dandridge when she said “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”, the ladies in attendance walked out motivated and empowered knowing how to negotiate their financial and societal realities in a manner which puts them first. This is just one of the many ways in which SAMWU and Sanlam together, endeavour to bring sustainable forward progression in the life of the workers and women.