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SAMWU and VBS product launch

  • Wednesday, 30 August 2017 18:48
The 30th of August 2017 marks the first day of SAMWU hosting its staff Indaba at Black Mountain Hotel in Thaba Nchu, this staff gathering is not a usual one as the organisation has tasked itself in introducing products and services which will benefit the worker. In the presence of various media houses, social partners, employees, esteemed speakers and press, the gathering commenced. A key component on the first day, is the launch of the partnership between SAMWU and VBS Mutual Bank.
VBS Mutual Bank and SAMWU are proud to announce the partnership and launch of various products which are tailored to benefit the worker. The products are; 1)Unsecured Loans 2)Transactional Banking 3) Bonds and 4)Vehicle Finance respectively. The aim of the collaboration is to grant Municipal workers access to products and assets which they may have previously not been able to attain. The products benefit those workers whose income is too high for government assistance but too low for them to qualify for financial assistance at other banks.

As an emerging black owned bank, VBS has found the perfect way to mitigate the alienation of the aforementioned workers from accessing fundamental socio-economically advancing resources. SAMWU as an organisation, prides itself in being a part of sustainable upward mobility for the worker.

Moreover, the two organisations partnered in presenting Miss Olga Nkoanyane with a brand new electronic wheelchair. After blood circulation left her without both legs, as both were amputated upon medical advice. She has received hope and a sense of independence as she now able to move around even in the absence of a care giver. This act of kindness is a demonstration of the kind of impact, change and improvement in the life of others which the two organisations would like to effect. The staff Indaba is a two day event which will cover a number of internal organisational developments, as well as touch on the SAMWU 30 year celebration.