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Incumbent SAMWU leadership refutes claims of ‘hostage’ situation involving Johannesburg council executive

  • Friday, 14 July 2017 17:41

On Tuesday the 12th July 2017, The South African Municipal Workers’ Union engaged the GED of Corporate Services and other key stakeholders of the City Of Johannesburg. The intention of holding the aforementioned discussions was to gain clarity, on a unilateral decision taken by the municipality with regards to the subscriptions which SAMWU leadership was unaware of.

Subsequently an article was published making claims of a ‘hostage’ situation involving SAMWU, and further alluding to the ‘unconstitutional’ appointment of the incumbent leadership related to this matter. SAMWU would like to unequivocally state that the above claims are false. The meeting held with GED was held to rectify issues concerning LLF subscriptions, policies and investments of SAMWU members.

In the pursuit of the best interests of the worker, the union is aware of channels and procedures available in order to remedy any grievance and would not resort to illicit tactics.

The Union would like to distance itself from these false claims, but would like to assure the worker that an amicable resolution will be reached which will as per our mandate put the worker first. In conclusion, the meeting between SAMWU and the City of Johannesburg adjourned peacefully on both days.

Bafana Zungu

Regional Secretary (JHB)

079 298 5577