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Intervention by City of Tshwane to resuscitate collapsed Emergency Services Department

  • Friday, 07 July 2017 20:54
30 June 2017

South African Municipal Workers Union, Tshwane Region has noted the recent media statement of the City of Tshwane dated 29 June 2017 on the appointment of section 56 managers. The City of Tshwane indicated identified candidates to fill key positions in order to stabilize the administration. Amongst positions identified to be filled were those of Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Emergency. SAMWU is happy that Ms Joan De Beer was not confirmed by Council and instead Mr Previn Govender was affirmed by Council.

Council decision confirms and vindicated the long held view by SAMWU that the Emergency Services Department has been a mess and had actually collapsed under Ms Joan De Beer. We have witnessed workers delivering services without the necessary PPE and some forced to drive unroadworthy vehicles. SAMWU remains committed to stabilization of the administration and enhancement of its ability to deliver services to residents of the City of Tshwane. We therefore welcomes the appointment and we looking forward to working with Mr Previn Govender Immediately after his appointment, SAMWU will engage the new Chief of Emergency to prioritize the following in the interest of service delivery:
  • Filling of vacant offices
  • Procurement of PPE
  • Implementation of forensic report
  • Convening of departmental Management and Labour meeting

Utilization of Metro Police officers as security guards

SAMWU has noted with concern recent intentions by the City of Tshwane to utilize services of Metro Police officers as security guards. We have also noted the recent debates in Parliament in which SAPS and PRISA made presentations on a similar issue. SAMWU had in February 2016 submitted a draft collective agreement to Bargaining Forum on insourcing of certain municipal services and we will therefore accept insourcing of services however such must be done through the Bargaining Forum. It is also our considered view that the role of Metro Police in line with the SAPS Act differs from those of security guards. SAMWU has since written a letter to the City Manager demanding that such intentions be suspended pending proper engagements with Labour on insourcing of municipal services. Any form of Restructuring must be properly consulted with labour at an appropriate forum. SAMWU also calls on the employer to manage process with necessary sensitivity since it has the potential to create tensions between workers. (Metro Police officers and security guards)

Implementation of Automated Fare Collection System

SAMWU welcomes the implementation of the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system by the City of Tshwane. We also note that this process started a number of years back and SAMWU has always pushed for implementation of AFC and a move towards an integrated public transport system. The elimination of cash collection is in the interest of Bus drivers who some of them have been robbed, assaulted and some stabbed. We therefore feel vindicated that all actions by our members to demand implementation of AFC and dumping of money bags were correct and necessary. The City of Tshwane must then move towards servicing areas that are not currently enjoying such services and benefits

Mpho Tladinyane
Regional Secretary
083 941 5888 /0823283413