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ANCYL Free State out of touch with reality

  • Monday, 22 May 2017 11:49
22 May 2017

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) notes with disappointment the popularity contest paraded by the ANC Youth League in the Free State as a press conference wherein the league took swipe at workers who are currently on strike at the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality while further relegating workers’ demands as side issues.
Utterances by the league that the union is being used to destabilise the municipality are an indication that the league has fallen out of reality with issues affecting the poor, and in particular the youth whom they claim to be representing. When SAMWU Free State held a provincial march on the 5th May 2017, the ANCYL Free State was nowhere to be seen, interestingly, issues which were raised by SAMWU affected mostly the youth who are supposedly the constituency of the ANCYL.

The league does not know what is happening within its province, in particular issues affecting the youth but are busy with factional battles. Free State municipalities are failing to pay workers on time, while workers at Mafube Local Municipality are yet to be paid their April salaries. Temporary workers, many of whom are youth at the Mangaung Metro are yet to be paid their salaries, yet the ANCYL is saying nothing about this except their factional posture towards workers’ issues.

Our members are continually abused by municipalities through the implementation of the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) which is exploitative and does not pay participants equal salaries as those who are directly employed by municipalities, doing the same job. The ANCYL does not see anything wrong with this, it does not see anything wrong with the youth being recycled and not having permanent employment with job security.

Workers have been dismissed by Moqhaka Municipality, Metsimaholo Municipality and Centlec, an entity of the Mangaung Metro yet the ANCYL is not calling for these workers’ immediate reinstatement but say that these very same workers who are putting food on the tables which feed the youth are planning the destabilization of municipalities.

When municipalities continue to privatize municipal services and outsourcing of services, which have detrimental effects on workers, the ANCYL does not say anything about this. When municipalities fail to pay third parties such as medical aid, pension fund and funeral schemes, the ANCYL believes that workers are planning on destabilizing municipalities.

We take offense at the allegations that the union is in cahoots with the aim of destabilizing municipalities, in particular the Mangaung Metro. It is not in the interest of workers to destabilize municipalities, workers are also members of communicates and as such they too need municipal services. It is the very same municipalities which would are paying workers salaries and feeding members of the Youth League through the peanuts which municipal workers are receiving.

Our members who are currently on strike on strike at the Mangaung Metro are well within their rights to proceed with this industrial action, this is their constitutional right and cannot be taken away by anyone, including the ANCYL.

The ANCYL could have shown that they care about their parents, brothers and sisters by calling on the Mangaung Metro to immediately intervene at the Metro to ensure that workers’ demands are met so we all could go back to doing what we are paid for, which is the delivery of basic services to the people of Mangaung.

We therefore urge the league to go to the ground, entrench themselves within communities and familiarize themselves with issues affecting their parents, brothers and sisters, instead of them being allowed to be used as proxies towards the ANC’s National Conference. We further urge the ANCYL not to use workers’ issues for politicking but support the plight of workers as these issues affect them too.

Issued by SAMWU Head Office

Simon Mathe

General Secretary

079 887 8389


Papikie Mohale

National Media Officer

073 710 0356