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SAMWU Condemns JMPD’s Compromise of Service Delivery

  • Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:40
09 February 2017

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) would like to express our dismay and disproval of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) decision to ignore internal labour dispute processes and to prematurely implement a disciplinary hearing sanction which has been internally appealed.
The sanction is as a result of an alleged 3 hour work-stoppage by officers from the Marlboro/ Sandton region in 2015 as a result of grievance known to JMPD. During the hearing Samwu abandoned the process as in became patently clear that the racist and unskilled presiding officer exhibited undiluted bias in favour of the meritless employer’s case.

Ultimately the same racist presiding officer issued a sanction of 10 days suspension to 111 workers for their part in the protest and issued warnings to 4 IMATU members for the same offence, an indication of the determination by the City and all its departments to render the union dysfunctional in the region.

We have lodged an appeal with the City of Johannesburg, essentially to reverse the legally flawed findings and sanction. We are still waiting for a date for the appeal hearing but are however surprised that JMPD has gone ahead by implementing the sanction even though it has been appealed, this in contravention of dispute resolution processes.

We are concerned that this unfair and illegal action by the Chief of Police will severely affect service delivery as workers will not be on duty. This will result in slow and none response in the City during crime incidents, accidents and traffic.

We also wish to reiterate that there is absolutely no reason for the employer to implement these sanctions whilst we await the conclusion of internal processes, except to frustrate service delivery and to bash the union. We will therefore demand that should the sanctions are set aside during the appeal process, The City reimburse workers for the lost days.

Residents of Johannesburg should therefore blame JMPD for the inconvenience and interruption of services as a result of their unfair and hostile labour practices. We shall continue to fight for our member’s rights and no amount of unfair and preposterous sanctions will deter us! A 3 hour legitimate work stoppage cannot lead to a 10 day sanction! Only a racist and unqualified JMPD presiding officer can arrive at this conclusion.

Issued by SAMWU Greater Johannesburg Region

Bafana Zungu

Regional Secretary

079 298 5577