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SAMWU Statement on the Proposed Reintegration of CoJ Municipal Owned Entities

  • Tuesday, 31 January 2017 14:04
31 January 2017

The South African Municipal Workers’ Union is disappointed at yet another attempt by the City of Johannesburg’s accidental mayor Herman Mashaba to deliberately twist what the union says for his cheap political points and garnering public sympathy.
His constant attacks on the union are a clear indication that the DA led administration is still hungover following Judge Snyman’s judgment in December 2016 which trashed their attempt to destabilize and render the union dysfunctional in the region.

Following the announcement that the City of Johannesburg council had passed a resolution that the City would be reintegrating Municipal Owned Entities (MOEs) and our subsequent response which primarily sought to put our position on the issue in the public domain, the mayor launched a scathing attack on the union for his narrow political gains.

By his own admission, the mayor made this decision before undertaking any feasibility study, which according to him will only be conducted now. The fact the one can make a decision without understanding the repercussions that would follow indicated that there is more to this announcement. This therefore convinces that that the announcement may have to do with the ultimate control municipal resources.

The mayor should not disagree with us for the sake of disagreeing. If he is serious about having a cordial working relationship with organized labour he should begin consulting organized labour before making decisions which would undoubtedly face dire consequences for workers and most importantly compromise service delivery.

We are convinced that Herman Mashaba is an individual without a backbone and lacks the ability to stand by his words. He always makes reckless, unfounded and provocative statements without verifying or consulting on issues first. His Trump-like tendencies does not help in creating a harmonious environment for all involved, this including his insults he hurled at women accusing them of opening their legs to get jobs, as though he was not born by a woman.

During his campaigning for the City of Johannesburg Mayorship, he vowed that he would privatize Pikitup and break it up into 7 pieces and give it to his capitalist friends, a vow which he subsequently repeated following his appointment as mayor through an unholy alliance. We are therefore convinced and have to guard against the municipality outsourcing some services to their capitalist cronies following the reintegration.

The mayor alleges that the union supports mediocrity, underperformance and selling out our members. Our first and primary objective is the servicing and the wellbeing of our members, any move that would result in our members loosing out will vehemently be objected to.

It is for this reason that we do not take anything that comes out of Mashaba’s mouth serious. Until such time that organized labour has been consulted in this issue, there is nothing for us to oppose or embrace as we are dealing with an individual who lack a backbone whatsoever. We therefore challenge the mayor to point us where we made comments that we oppose the proposed reintegration of municipal entities.

For the record, SAMWU remains opposed to privatization of municipal services in any form. We firmly believe that municipal services should be rendered by people who are employed directly and permanently by municipalities.

Issued by SAMWU head Office

Simon Mathe

General Secretary

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Papikie Mohale

National Media Officer

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