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SAMWU Lays Charges Against Racist Municipal Speaker

  • Thursday, 17 November 2016 14:58
17 November 2016

The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) in Limpopo Province has learned with utter dismay the racist remarks made against our members at the Modimolle/ Mookgopong Municipality by the Council Speaker Crll Abrie. Our members were called the k-word, thieves and further saying that they are just like their “father” President Zuma. The crime committed by these workers was being in possession of tools of trade which they use as part of their daily work, seemingly the Speaker does not want workers to perform their duties.

The employees in question have opened a case of Crimen Injuria at the Modimolle Police Station earlier today assisted by their local shopstewards. These case not only unearthed the racist agenda of the Democratic Alliance but also exposed their partners in crime , the EFF who have made sure that the DA governs the municipality following the August 3 local government elections on a ticket purporting to represent the black, landless, poverty stricken as well as working class in general.

The DA through its councillor Abrie’s actions confirmed its true colours as a party representing racist white supremacy disguised through its black sprinkle of members and leaders alike and will stop at nothing to undo all the gains of our democratic breakthrough and replace it with a nefarious agenda refashioned in the image of its colonial masters and white monopoly capital driven by black puppets on top.

It has become fashionable for DA since its election through the backs of disgruntled kindergarten party the EFF to undo democratic gains occasioned by its threat in JHB metro to pull out of SALGA and this stance was bolstered by non-attendance of the Modimolle –Mookgphong Municipality to the SALGA Limpopo Conference held at the end of September threatening the very basis of collective bargaining with organised labour.

The DA is indeed a party of racists who do not care about the wellbeing of South Africans, in particular black workers. This attack is not only directed at the victims but the entire workforce in municipalities. We will therefore also be approaching the Human Right Commission to investigate this racists and as such will be demanding an immediate suspension of the speaker. If the DA really cares about black people, they will not allow themselves to have such people in their fold and as such his membership should be terminated with immediate effect.

We will in the next coming days be developing a programme of action to challenge the status quo in this municipality. This will include mobilising workers and community members for day that this racist speaker appears in court.

Issued by SAMWU Limpopo Province

Patrick Aphane

Provincial Secretary