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SAMWU 30th Anniversary

  • Monday, 07 August 2017 08:50
The SAMWU of today is both the product of mergers of various trade unions and recruitment. In 1987 five trade unions organizing municipal workers across the country merged and formed SAMWU. These trade unions included Cape Town Municipal Workers' Association (CTMWA), The Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU), the Municipal Workers Union of South Africa (MWUSA), General Workers' Union of South Africa (GWUSA) and the South African Allied Workers' Union (SAAWU). The comrades who established SAMWU had a clear vision — to lift the living standards and quality of working life of working people in the local government. And their strategy to achieve this was also clear — to build union organization of the municipal workers across the country. 30 years further on, the SAMWU can celebrate a proud record of achievements. Over the last 30 years the SAMWU has made tremendous gains on most important issues— wages, hours, representation, leave, security, safety, etc. This year (2017) mark the 30th anniversary of SAMWU. SAMWU celebrate this milestone by recognizing comrades who contributed to the growth and survival of SAMWU over the past years.