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Declaration of the SAMWU Tshwane Region elective RSSC

  • Saturday, 20 December 2014 14:40


We the 138 shopstewards and delegates, representing more  11 363 members of SAMWU in Tshwane Region gathered here at Tshwane Metro Police Headquarters from 09-10 December 2014 to assess and review work done since the last elective RSSC and further shape a new programme that will guide the organization. This RSSC is constituted by all Shopstewards from various Tshwane depots and constituencies under the theme "Repositioning SAMWU to advance working class struggle towards socialism”

 On the Revolutionary Alliance  

The RSSC acknowledged that the ANC remains the leader of the alliance in pursuit of achieving the National Democratic Resolution. We however believe that the alliance should be the strategic Centre. The vanguard of the working class, the SACP remains the most trusted ally of the workers. The RSSC reaffirmed to work closely with the SACP in institutionalizing political  schools and other  programmes to enhance consciousness of stewards.




The COSATU remains the only federation that can advance the interests of the workers and the working class in this country. The RSSC noted with concern challenges facing the federation and the near state of paralysis and resolved to remain committed to resolutions passed by COSATU congresses. Further to that the RSSC resolved to unify and strengthen the federation  


On the Organization


SAMWU remains the only hope of more than 11 000 members in Tshwane and more than 180 000 nationally. This motion of confidence in the organization cannot therefore be taken for granted. In line with COSATU 2012 survey, the RSSC commits to respond to identified issues on why members join trade unions. The RSSC also noted that between February and November 2014 membership has increased by 910. Transformation of the state will also be prioritized in enhancing capacity to deliver services to communities. SAMWU remains the only revolutionary, progressive and militant trade union within local government sector that can advocate transformation of local government. We emerged from the RSSC stronger, determined, united and re-energized to elevate membership service and challenge all unfair practices


On discipline of SAMWU members 


The RSSC recognized that SAMWU subscribes to democratic centralism and that lower structures should respect decisions of higher structures. We have also noted that the union has been faced with some counter revolutionary tendencies aimed at liquidating the organization. The RSSC condemns in strongest possible terms tendencies of taking the union to court without first exhausting internal remedies. The RSSC maintains that no any leader or member of the organization is above the union and its constitution


On conditions of service


2015 will be a year in which members must be ready to wage battles in realizing the new wage and salary agreement including Main Collective Agreement. The RSSC reaffirmed that SAMWU is a worker control organization and therefore shopstewards should secure mandates from their constituencies. The RSSC supports the National Office Bearers in challenging the amendment of the Municipal Systems Act and seeking relief from the constitutional court


On corruption 


The RSSC declared corruption an enemy of the people and all people involved in corrupt practices are equally enemies of the people. SAMWU will fight vigorously to eradicate all those who have elevated their evil intents above delivering services to the masses. The RSSC also noted the aborted tribe one festival and those allegations that Nicki Minaj was paid 10 million. SAMWU demands the following 

  • That Nicki Minaj must consider the level of poverty faced by our communities and pay back the 10 million.

  • That the City Manager and the SED for Corporate and Shared Services verify qualifications of all senior managers

  • That all supply chain members who won an award be reinstated into their original positions and responsibilities 

On Racism


RSSC noted racist practices directed at our members especially at Rietvlei Nature Reserve, Wonderboom Airport, Wonderboom electricity depot and also at Fountains. We however appreciate the intervention by the City Manager in appointing an independent forensic firm to conduct such investigations.  


On elections of Office Bearers


The RSSC unanimously and without contestation affirmed the following comrades to lead the Region


Regional Chairperson

Nkhetheni Muthavhi

Regional Deputy Chairperson

Annah Ntuli

Regional Secretary

Mpho Tladinyane

Regional Deputy Secretary

Valentine Matlala

Regional Treasurer

Virginia Mampuru