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SAMWU Year-End Message

  • Thursday, 11 December 2014 10:21

  11 December 2014  

Dear valuable SAMWU member


It is that time of the year again when you go on a deserved break after a long year of labouring. It was indeed a long year not only for you in your respective workplaces but has also been a year wherein we witnessed challenges from both our beloved federation, COSATU and SAMWU itself. We are please that in these tying times you have managed to show unity and cohesion and trust that these are the characters that we will be exhibiting in the coming year. We are pleased that in these challenges, SAMWU has emerged victorious. You have been the pillars and strengths of this union which is now in its 28 years of existence. We also take this opportunity to welcome all new members in the last year and trust that you will find SAMWU to be the home you have been looking for.

We are grateful to our members who have shown discipline and commitment to the union during these times. We pride ourselves in the calibre of members we have in you and trust that others will learn from you. You have been exemplary, dedicated and patient with union process. We further pride ourselves with regions and locals that have concluded their election processes and giving a fresh mandate to leaders of their choice. We further trust that those that are yet to conclude will do so soon and in time for the remaining Provincial Congresses leading to our 11th National Congress next year. 


Our struggle for better working conditions, living and decent wages will not stop until realised. We will be holding a Bargaining Conference late January next year to get a mandate of demands to take to the employer. We trust that the Bargaining conference will give us an opportunity to engage and listen to your demands and what should be taken to the employer.  We remain committed to ensuring that the demands of our valuable members are met, as such we have reinforced our capacity at head office by appointing officials who will ensure that you are serviced better and speedily so. We remain committed to your workplace issues and trust that these appointments are for your benefit.


As you go on these holidays, we urge you to be responsible and vigilant. Those who will be travelling during this period should take extra precautions to ensure their safety and that of fellow road users. We strongly urge you to be law abiding citizens and to know when you have had one too many. On behalf of SAMWU NOBs, POB, ROBs and officials, we wish you and your families happy festive seasons filled with joy, love and laughter. To our members who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We trust that you will be rejuvenated and ready to take charge of the union’s campaigns and activities when you return. 


Comradely Yours  


Walter Theledi                                                     and                                         Samuel Molope 

General Secretary                                                                                             President