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Passionate about service and governance. An injury to one is an injury to all.

SAMWU.  South African Municipal Workers' Union. 
To organise all those employed directly or indirectly, in local authority and allied undertakings of the economy whether in the public private or voluntary sector. To build a democratic worker controlled and centred organisation based on membership participation in policy and decision making. To develop a strong shopsteward movement and to provide this movement with education and training in the skills to promote members participation in the union and to protect and advance members interest in the workplace. To build an organisation free of any discrimination or unequal treatment with respect to race, gender, disability, creed, age or any arbitrary ground. To develop and maintain consistent standards of advice, representation and organisational development for members. To develop solidarity with other trade unions nationally and internationally and to affiliate to any body or federation of trade unions which will advance the cause of the working class.

Press statements

Stay updated on our current press statements as we continue to bring change and excellence in the matter pertaining to municipal workers.



The following statement was released by the South African Municipal Workers Union in Johannesburg


Agreement on local salary or wage

SAMWU has formally declared a dispute at the South African Local Government Bargaining 


Facilitators salary proposal rejected

Formal report back on the mandate given by the members folloing the representative


Further mandate seeked by SAMWU

SAMWU to seek further mandate following the conclusion of the 4th round of negotations


SAMWU condemns City of Cape Town attempts

Great shock proposals by both the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Provincial Government 


SAMWU statement for labour appeal Court 

The outcome of the Labour Appeal Court which sat on the 27th February in Braamfontein, JHB.


TBFS started as a joint venture in the Hollard Life stable

- Established in 1997 as a funeral/micro insurance product & administration specialist, providing A to Z product and  capability.

TBFS offers SAMWU an immediate insurance “plug & play” skill set and capability. TBFS has been a financial services provider to SAMWU members since 2001, providing funeral insurance benefits underwritten by Hollard life. Combining TBFS underwriting knowledge, FAIS licenses and scalable administration with the SAMWU brand and member loyalty on a joint venture basis, an opportunity exists to make the SAMWU financial services vision a reality.
SAMWU Services is not registered as a Financial Services provider, but rather manages and directs the insurance affairs of the various insurance and financial service providers who offer insurance to members, proper servicing of members and build better working relationships between the Union and the providers. SAMWU Services looks to creating employment opportunities for SAMWU members, generate revenue for SAMWU  projects such as the college.
SAMWU Services operates as a separate entity, working within the existing SAMWU structures.


To strive to protect and advance the wages and conditions of service of all members and the quality, health and safety of their working environment. To strive for economic, social and political justice for all members and in particular to democratise the workplace. To regulate relations between members and their employers through effective collective bargaining machinery and resolve disputes which may arise. To strive for full employment in quality jobs and protect workers from unfair dismissal and retrenchment. To develop members through the provision of training and educational opportunities to advance their skills and competencies. To promote policies and laws that are in the interests of members. 


To work for the achievement of a society based on economic, social and political justice and equality. To oppose privatisation and to fight for the direct provision of all the basic necessities of life by the state. To work for the achievement of equal access by all to public services of good quality and that such users of public services are treated with dignity, respect and equality irrespective of race, gender, creed, age, disability or any arbitrary ground. To work for economic growth and the equal distribution of wealth by means which will sustain our world’s environment. To co-operate with or form alliances with any community organisation, social movement or political party nationally or internationally if this will advance the interest of members.


Our internal Legal Department specialises in the resolution of the following disputes; 

Work conditions
Unfair Labour Practices
Discrimination etc.
A Union member may approach is the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). A member may do so without consulting the other party (employer).

Time Frames
Unfair dismissal disputes, report within 30 days from the date when the dispute arose.
Unfair labour practice, report within 90 days from when the dispute arose.


SAMWU INSTITUTE is a first of its kind college and positions itself as a proponent of sustainable upward mobility for the worker through education. This vision of having a research center and a college is the brain child of President Pule Molalenyane. The Institute ethos is “Skill the nation and let everyone prosper”. The qualifications are endorsed by SABPP and LGSETA. SAMWU Institute also has a long-term goal of serving as a community center for underprivileged scholars within the surrounding community, thus not only empowering the workers it serves but also the communities they come from. This is done in the hope that this initiative may serve as a microcosm for a model which can be replicated nationally, with the objective of sustainable poverty alleviation through education. SAMWU Institute Contact Details:
Thandeka Mosholi: 011 100 2621  |  mosholit@yahoo.com
Solly Ramphisa: 011 100 2642  |  Solly.ramphisa@samwu.org.za

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Head office

84 Fredericks Street, Johannesburg,2001
Gauteng, South Africa
Email: info@samwu.org.za
T: +27 11 100 2621